A Total Newbie's Guide to Using TeamSpeak 3


TeamSpeak 3 is a voice communications (voice comms) tool for real time voice chat over the internet. This is sometimes referred to as voice over IP.

It is designed for gamers to be able to chat with each other while playing a game. This takes team based games to a whole new level as you are able to quickly issue orders and report incidents without having to stop and type your message.

We at Multiplay offer TeamSpeak 3 as part of our game server packages, which is probably why you are reading this document! So let's get you started.

This guide will cover:

  • Getting the TeamSpeak software.
  • Setting up and connecting to a server.
  • Modifying and Administrating your server.

This guide is not meant to be a complete guide to using TeamSpeak. If you want more information, then look at the FAQ section of the TeamSpeak website: www.teamspeak.com

If you would like to rent a TeamSpeak 3 server, please check out our deals on TS3 servers.

Step 1 – Getting the Software

Visit the download page

Assuming you are running a version of Microsoft Windows, you will need 'TS3 Client' 32 or 64 bit. TeamSpeak is completely freeware, so there is nothing to pay.

Once the software has downloaded, run the executable and follow the installation instructions. Once it is installed it might be useful to place a shortcut on the desktop (if it hasn't already) or even on the 'Quick Launch' bar. This is entirely up to you.

Step 2 – Setting Up and Connecting to a Server

When you start TeamSpeak client, the following window will appear:

Right now you are not connected to a server, so let's do this now.

Click on Connections and select Connect.

In the 'Server Address' box enter the IP of the server you wish to connect to. In the 'Nickname' box enter a name you would like to be known as. If there is a password on the server, enter it in the 'Server Password' box.

Once you have filled these in, click Connect

You are now connected to the server. Assuming that you are connecting to a new server that you have purchased from us, you will be presented with a box to enter your 'Privilege Key'. This is the 'Admin token' found within your Clanforge control panel. Enter it here and click OK. (If this box is not displayed, click Permissions at the top of TS3 and then Use Privilege Key.

If this is your first time using Teamspeak 3 it is recommended you use the Setup Wizard found in Settings and then Setup Wizard. This will guide you through setting up your client.

Step 3 – Modifying and administrating your Server

As an admin, you will be able to create channels on the server, and you can kick or ban other players if you wish. To create a channel simply right click on the server name or a channel (to create a sub-channel) and then click on Create Channel. You will then need to fill in the box you are presented with. Ensure you make the channel permanent if you wish for it to remain on the server. Once you are happy with the channel settings, click OK.

Now you have channels and a basic Teamspeak 3 server set up. If you would like any help with more advanced settings please contact Multiplay Support.