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The best Space Engineers server hosting available! At Multiplay we provide high quality, low ping, multiplayer Space Engineers Servers at affordable prices to bring you both the best quality for the fairest value. Our philosophy of providing the highest quality servers worked well for us with Minecraft as the largest gameserver host and we're carrying that over to our Space Engineers multiplayer server hosting! When you buy from us, you get the best from a company that has been passionately providing gameservers to gamers for over a decade.

Space Engineers is a sandbox space engineering game where you construct and maintain ships and space stations. Players construct vehicles and installations of various sizes and utilization (both civil and military), pilot ships and perform asteroid mining.

Often described as Minecraft or Lego in space, this really under promotes the depth that Space Engineers has. Jump into this vast sandbox and build anything you can imagine, from small mining ships to carve out materials from the asteroid belt to military corvettes and motherships. All fully working, functioning, fully destructable and following realistic newtonian physics!

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This game is still in development, as such servers crash regularly due to unoptimised code and bugs are common, this will affect your server and Multiplay has zero control over development bugs or unoptimised game/server code.

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