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Glowing eyes peer at you from the darkness and they get brighter and brighter as the fear takes hold. What do you do you might ask. The options are endless in Orelight. Orelight is the dungeon crawler we have all been waiting for. This top down RPG has it all. Mining, crafting, base building, and stabbing. Want to be a warlock? A swordsman perhaps? Or maybe a sword wielding robot warlock. You get to choose as there is no limit to how you mix and match your weapons and armor.

With a Multiplay Orelight server you can swap, steal, farm, find, loot, lose, and find again. Team up with your friends to take down the legions of the dungeon and split the rewards. If you prefer a more sinister route go PVP and cut down your fellow adventurers. Their loss, your gain.

With the unique art style of orelight and addictive gameplay this one is sure to be a must have and best enjoyed with friends, or enemies. So grab a server today and start enjoying Orelight!


Clan-Pay: Let friends contribute to the cost of your service
FREE Mumble or 1/2 Price Teamspeak, Ventrilo voice comms server
Unlimited Profiles, to swap Setting squickly
Industry-leading Clanforgeâ„¢ control panel
Fast, efficient support
High quality network and server hardware
No sharing of resources with other servers, you get exactly what you pay for
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No setup fees
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