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Please note: All servers will currently restart every 12 hours. This ensures that loot and zombies are spawned correctly.
This service will only connect to a Private Shard! The Shard is not included in this product!

DayZ Private Server Hosting

DayZ private servers have finally arrived! Now you can run your DayZ server, your way!

How does it work? DayZ private servers have two parts to them, the "Shard" and the gameserver or "Shard slave".
What do I get? You can run your DayZ server in the traditional ways you're used to in other games, restart, kick, ban, lock/unlock your server and view Bec logs! It's your private DayZ server, run it your way. Read the full Private Server rules.

DayZ Private Server

DayZ Private Server hosting is the component necessary to run your own private server in DayZ! With Multiplay Private multiplayer servers you get the same great quality of the official DayZ servers hosted by us.

Any Private Server connected to a Private Shard will benefit from player characters that can be accessed and transferable between servers.

Remember that you NEED a Private Shard to connect with your Private server. Go here for DayZ Private Shard Server hosting.

Want added tools, benefits and functions on your DayZ Server? Then why not try out Battleeye Extended Controls? It gives DayZ servers a range of bonus tools and abilities that make administering your server easier!

Read more about Battleeye Extended Controls here.
Some servers ordered will need to be whitelisted with the developers before becoming fully functional, This is normally done every Wednesday, however we will attempt to get any new servers whitelisted as soon as possible. This may result in a delay to setup. If this we will inform you via email.
No Public hive server can be passworded


Official Ranked (whitelisted) Server Provider
Kick, ban, lock and unlock your Private Server
Transfer player characters between any private server on a private Shard
Clan-Pay: Let friends contribute to the cost of your service
FREE Mumble or 1/2 Price Teamspeak, Ventrilo voice comms server
Unlimited Profiles
Industry-leading Clanforgeâ„¢ control panel
Fast, efficient, 24/7 support team
High quality network and server hardware
Public as standard
Can openers
No setup fees
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