Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Servers

The 1999 sourcemod Counter Strike is back in its latest incarnation "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" and it's full of everything players have come to expect from the franchise they've played for 15 years. Counter Terrorists face off against Terrorists in a desperate bid to prevent them from setting up the bomb. Round after round of fast paced, precise, highly skilled headshot competitive action is back.

At Multiplay Gameservers we've been hosting Counter Strike servers for over 10 years. Our Global Offensive servers come with the same quality, the same great low pings in a wide variety of locations all over the world, and the same world-class support that has made us one of the best and most recommended CS server hosts over the years.

When you get CSGO server hosting from Multiplay you know that you're with a company that has supported the game since the start.

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3 Pre-installed Mods

Condition Zero, Counter Strike: Source, CounterStrike


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