Battleye Extended Controls Servers

Utility Description

BEC is a admin tool for Operation Arrowhead/Combined Operations and Arma3 dedicated servers for Windows that has enabled Battleye.
This is a server application only, no install requirements are necessary client-wise.
Basically what BEC does, is giving you the Battleye-power conveniently on the OA/CO and Arma 3-chatline in-game.
BEC is a multi-admin tool, you can define as many admins you want, there is no limit on the number.
You are able to define many custom commands and permissions to several different admin levels.
BEC also have the option to use a global ban list, but you will need an account for this to be enabled.
When this is enabled, BEC will report hack to a central ban database, it will also check players guid against it upon connection to the game.

Key Features

  • Support for Multiple In-game Admins.

  • Define Custom Names on Commands.

  • Set Group Levels on Admins.

  • Set Permission Level on Commands.

  • Organised Chat logger.

  • Organised BE Event logger.

  • Check GUID of players who connects against a central ban database.

  • Report Hacks to a central ban database.

  • Nick Filter, Auto kick offensive nick's defined by you.

  • Chat & channel restriction.

  • Chat & channel anti-spam.

  • Make players temp admins.

  • Autokick lobby idlers.

  • Create Schedules of various sorts. motd's. events etc.

  • Create whitelist file.

  • SlotLimit, can be used to reserve slots.

  • Please note:
    Some BEC features do not work with Dayz Standalone, Features that have full support: Whitelisting, Partial support: scheduler, Nick filter.


    Dayz Whitelisting supported
    Admin levels
    SlotLimit, can be used to reserve slots
    Chat & channel restriction
    Chat & channel anti-spam
    Nick Filter, Auto kick offensive nick's defined by you
    Report Hacks to a central ban database
    Set Group Levels on Admins
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