Low Ping Gaming Network

Unlike many other GSP's Multiplay own and operate their own network, to help keep your pings as low as possible and give you the very best online gaming experience. Also unlike other GSP's, our network spans Europe and has been selected by the likes of Activision, EA and THQ for hosting their Official game servers for games like Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor (2010) and Crysis 2.

For the more technical amongst you, we are members of RIPE and operate the following part of the Internet :)

  • Autonomous System 35028

What kit do you use?

As with our servers, we only use top quality equipment for our network. You won't find any names you're likely to see on the high street in our racks!

For routing (linking our network to the rest of the Internet) we use Cisco 6500 series routers, with SUP720-BXL management cards. We have three of these in our network, each one capable of switching upto 40Gbps on each one of their 8 line cards, and forward 200 Million packets/second!

Cisco Logo   Extreme Networks Logo

Inside our network we use super-fast Extreme Networks Summit 200-48 switches. These 48 port purple boxes can switch 13.6Gb of data every second! These super-fast switches keep your pings low and make congestion a thing of the past. You can rest assured our network is rock solid.

Cool! What does it look like?

We've got this shiny network map to show you...

The Multiplay Network, as of November 2008

Better Connectivity

We have 'peering' established with over 250 of Europe's leading ISP's. Peering means we have an established route to your ISP, meaning more control of how your packets reach our servers, and also lower pings. We actively participate at the following exchanges: LINX, AMSIX and NLIX. In the unlikely event we don't peer with your ISP, we take over 7Gbps of 'transit' from the likes of Tier 1 providers Tiscali, Telia and NTT.

Our network also has our own dedicated 1Gbps link between our London and Amsterdam data centres, allowing us to prioritise gaming traffic bound for Europe, benefiting European gamers who wish to play European matches.

Having all these connections means we are able to better control how you connect to our servers. This fliexibility allows us to be proactive in ensuring you recieve the best possible pings.

LINX - The London Internet Exchange AMSIX - The Amsterdam Internet Exchange NLIX - The Netherlands Internet Exchange
Tiscali Enta
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