About Multiplay

Multiplay is second to none when it comes to experience in the gaming industry, be it running massive LAN event's like the i-Series or configuring servers we have the experience that make our servers the best available

Over 35,000 gamers each night...

Multiplay's online services were launched in December 2002 and since then we have grown to be one of the World's leading Gaming Service Providers (GSP), regularly peaking with over 35,000 gamers on our servers. However it doesn't stop there. Multiplay's ties to the gaming community stretch back for more than a decade - serving up the UK's premier LAN Parties, including the i-Series.

Over a decade of experience...

When catering for the 3,000+ gamers at our LAN Parties we have a huge range of tastes to cater for, so we know how to run just about every game server you can think of (and probably some you can't!). We've taken this knowledge and put it to good use Online, along with our groundbreaking server management system, Clanforge™ to bring you the best possible online gaming experience.

Trusted Provider

Multiplay are the trusted provider of some pretty big names in the gaming industry. The likes of EA, Activision and Ubisoft all come to Multiplay to host game servers for their latest titles because they have experienced and trust the level of support and dedication we have to running the best game servers on the planet.

Easy to get hold of...

We also strive to provide the highest possible level of support for our customers, with a full-time dedicated 24/7 support team as well as unmatched methods of reaching them. No more waiting for replies to emails or slow ticketing systems, if you'd rather you can get in touch with us on IRC, or just pick up the phone.

  • Worldwide Locations
  • Swappable Games
  • Low Price & Ping
  • Instant Setup
  • Clanforge® Control Panel
  • Superb Support

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