About Clanforge™

Clanforrge™ is Multiplay's state of the art browser based control panel which enables to you control every aspect of your server with just a few clicks.

Configure at the touch of a button

In Clanforge™ you can have multiple server 'profiles' enabling you to switch between configurations and even games quickly. Letting you spend more time playing games. Spend less time adminning and more time playing!

Additional profile features in Clanforge™ include:

  • Advanced map lists - support for multi-gametype and multi-mod map lists
  • Automatic configuration of addons
  • Enhanced config validation - no more server errors
  • Full versioning - Want to roll back to an older config? It's just a click away

Server Statistics

Have you ever wondered how busy your server is? Well now there's no more wondering. With Clanforge™ you get automated live graphs of CPU load and number of players for the last hour, week, month and even year!

Better Access

It's impossible to be around 24/7 to admin your server, but now you don't have to be! With eight access levels you can delegate some of the administration to the rest of your clan, giving them as much or as little control as you like.

Live Control

No more need to learn complex remote administration commands! Live Control allows you to perform more advanced administration of your server through a consistant interface across the majority of game platforms. Change map, gametype, send messages, kick / ban players and issue direct console commands all from your web browser!

Advanced Machines Control

For our dedicated server customers, there is also support to view load stats for each of your servers and machines at the click of a button, as well as other machine stats such as free disk space. You can also add/remove and move servers effortlessly with a couple of clicks to make the best use of the hardware available to you.

Limited FTP access to server logs & PB screenshots

You can view your PunkBuster screenshots live direct through Clanforge™ or download a zip file generated on the fly containing all your server logs and PB screenshots/logs.

  • Worldwide Locations
  • Swappable Games
  • Low Price & Ping
  • Instant Setup
  • Clanforge® Control Panel
  • Superb Support

Instantly create a status block for your website, allowing visitors to see users & channels of your voice comms server, live!
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