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Squad Game Servers

From the creators of the multi-award winning Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2 comes a new battlefield experience - Squad. In this war weaponry will only be part of the key to success, you will need to work together as organised teams to outsmart, outmaneuver and outplay your enemies. Boasting 100 player competitive multiplayer, Squad lets you lead your squad to victory by working as a team to secure objectives, Commanders will also be vital in organizing and leading the squads under their command.

To help you achieve victory, a vast arsenal is at your command for you and your team. A wide variety of vehicles will be included, from support vehicles to close air support attack helicopters, tanks to push through and destroy the enemies? defenses, with transport helicopters and APCs providing the backbone to the team. Combined with positional and localized VOIP, dedicated voice channels and a chain of command, this will give you all the tools needed to lead your Squad in their finest hour.

This game is in Early access, we make every effort to make the server work flawlessly however we cannot guarantee that your gaming experience will be bug free


  • Clan-Pay: Let friends contribute to the cost of your service
  • FREE Mumble or 1/2 Price Teamspeak, Ventrilo voice comms server
  • Unlimited Profiles, to swap Settings quickly
  • Industry-leading Clanforge™ control panel
  • Fast, efficient support
  • High quality network and server hardware
  • No sharing of resources with other servers, you get exactly what you pay for
  • Public as standard
  • No setup fees

Not to mention we have 35 pre-installed maps & 2 pre-configured addons, just clicks away using ClanForge™.

Available Server Locations

Our high quality low latency (ping) servers for Squad are available in the following locations:-

  • Australia Australia: Sydney
  • Canada Canada: Toronto
  • France France: Paris
  • Germany Germany: Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong: Hong Kong
  • Netherlands Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Russia Russia: Moscow
  • Singapore Singapore: Singapore
  • Sweden Sweden: Stockholm
  • UK UK: London
  • US US: Atlanta - Georgia, Chicago - Illinois, Dallas - Texas, Herndon - Virginia, Los Angeles - California, Miami - Florida, New York - New York, Phoenix - Arizona, San Antonio - Texas, San Jose - California, Seattle - Washington, St. Louis - Missouri

Order Information

Rent a Squad server now and you could be playing on it within 5 minutes, thanks to our instant setup process!

Prices for a Squad game server start at only $0.90 per slot!. You can save up to 20% by paying for longer periods up front.

Note: Due to the significant CPU used by bots, our gameserver products do not support them unless otherwise stated.

Depending on the quality of the server code and ancillary services provided by the developers and / or publishers; servers may be missing features, not perform as expected and may be unstable / crash, by purchasing a server you agree that such issues are beyond the control of Multiplay. Please see our terms & conditions for more information.

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  • Instant Setup
  • Clanforge® Control Panel
  • Superb Support

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