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DayZ Game Servers

Game Description

You move alone through the sparse terrain of Chernarus, a post-soviet state hit by a deadly infection that spreads as fast as its carriers can sprint. In a bleak world overshadowed by the constant threats of starvation, disease, and undead assault, you'll begin to discover that the real monsters don't sit in scavenged buildings, but rather in chairs on the other end of your microphone.
Immerse yourself in one of the best emergent social experiences in modern gaming with a Multiplay DayZ Gameserver.
Befriend and betray up to 40 fellow survivors on custom-orientated hardware selected specifically to run DayZ at the best it can be.

The monsters are coming. Your friends are screaming. Do you have the beans to do what it takes to survive? Order your Multiplay DayZ Gameserver below.

We've been working hard alongside the DayZ developers to help them with their successful launch, and now we want to help you run and manage your own DayZ server.
Using our Clanforge web interface you can easily implement the changes you need to instantly.
Run in to any issues? Contact our 24/7 support department any time, day or night.
As with all our game servers, a DayZ server rented from Multiplay is full of features and extra additions, each helping to deliver you the quality you come to expect.

Please note:
This is a public hive server, these servers are bound by limitations put in place by the game developers.
Public hive servers cannot be passworded.
Public hive servers cannot be restarted more than 5 times in 24 hours.
We do provide a server restart schedule of every 6, 8 & 12 hours and will need to be requested through our support ticket system here.
You can find a full list of these rules here.
Please read the Terms and Conditions set by Bohemia Interactive here.

Some servers ordered will need to be whitelisted with the developers before becoming fully functional.
This is normally done every Wednesday, however we will attempt to get any new servers whitelisted as soon as possible.
This may result in a delay to setup but we will inform you via email if this is the case.


As with all our game servers, a DayZ server rented from Multiplay is full of features and extra additions, each helping to deliver you the quality you come to expect.

  • An Official Ranked Server Provider
  • Clan-Pay: Let friends contribute to the cost of your service
  • FREE Mumble or 1/2 Price Teamspeak, Ventrilo voice comms server
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Industry-leading Clanforge™ control panel
  • Fast, efficient, 24/7 support team
  • High quality network and server hardware
  • Public as standard
  • Can openers
  • No setup fees

Available Server Locations

Our high quality low latency (ping) servers for DayZ are available in the following locations:-

  • Australia Australia: Sydney
  • Canada Canada: Toronto
  • France France: Paris
  • Germany Germany: Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong: Hong Kong
  • Netherlands Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Russia Russia: Moscow
  • Singapore Singapore: Singapore
  • Sweden Sweden: Stockholm
  • UK UK: London
  • US US: Chicago - Illinois, Dallas - Texas, Herndon - Virginia, Los Angeles - California, Miami - Florida, New York - New York, Phoenix - Arizona, San Antonio - Texas, San Jose - California, Seattle - Washington, St. Louis - Missouri
  • India India: Mumbai

Order Information

Rent a DayZ server now and you could be playing on it within 5 minutes, thanks to our instant setup process!

Prices for a DayZ game server start at only $1.40 per slot!. You can save up to 20% by paying for longer periods up front.

Note: Due to the significant CPU used by bots, our gameserver products do not support them unless otherwise stated.

Depending on the quality of the server code and ancillary services provided by the developers and / or publishers; servers may be missing features, not perform as expected and may be unstable / crash, by purchasing a server you agree that such issues are beyond the control of Multiplay. Please see our terms & conditions for more information.

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  • Low Price & Ping
  • Instant Setup
  • Clanforge® Control Panel
  • Superb Support

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