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Call of Duty 2 Game Servers

The #1 WWII shooter development team returns with an amazing new experience: Developed by Infinity Ward, creators of the award-winning Call of Duty. All-new, unprecedented enhancements from stunningly realistic graphics to seamless gameplay, thanks to the revolutionary COD2 engine, groundbreaking AI, and choice-based gameplay innovations. Beautifully rendered snow, rain, fog, and smoke, combined with dynamic lighting and shadows, make this the most intense WWII shooter yet.


As with all our game servers, a Call of Duty 2 server rented from Multiplay is chock full of freebies and extras, giving you more bang for your buck!

  • Instant Setup
  • FREE Mumble or 1/2 Price Teamspeak, Ventrilo voice comms server
  • FREE Web hosting
  • Hundreds of maps
  • Loads of mods
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Industry-leading Clanforge™ control panel
  • Fast, efficient support
  • High quality network and server hardware
  • Fast redirect for content hosting
  • Public as standard (password option)
  • Switch between Cod,Cod2,Cod4 and WaW for free

Includes 2 swappable games for FREE:

Instant access to 203 pre-installed mods, including:

Call of Duty 4, 9th Custom Tactical, ACE Mod, ACEob, Ace Promod Live, Aliens, Aliens Mod, Before The Dawn alpha x15 , alpha xl15 , RSA-bolts, ATI Mod Season 11, ATI 2.5, ATi Season 9.1, atiseason11, AWE4 3.0 Multimode, AWE Mod, AWE Mod OLD, BJustReal, Call of Duty 4: Black Ops, Call of Duty 4: Black Ops 2, Blue OW2, BP Mod, envy_deathrun, Balkan Special Forces, Before The Dawn Alpha, ChaposMod - Hide and Seek, Ci13, COD4 Sniper Zoom, Football mod, CoDJumper T, CoDJumper, Codleague, Codutility, Combined Operations Mod, Call of Duty: Combined Operations, Openwarfare 2 D2Clan, [D2] Openwarfare 2, ModWarfare, DAMN:MW, Deathrun, Deathrun New, Deathrun 1.2b2, Deathrun & Essentials, Derp Jumper, Euro Domination, EOB tactical, EOBx4, eXtreme Snipers, eXtreme Warfare, fglcustom, FLGL Season 1 MOD, Flying Mod, Freezetag ( Modern Spearhead 2 ), Frontlines, Frontlines 11ED, Frontlines Reloaded, Freezetag, G13 Openwarfare custom , GunGame, Hide 'n Seek (Props) Mod, IFR Openwarfare, iSnipe Mod, K3, KGC Promod, Kill the King, kxp xtreem, LANPAM, LB Jump, Leetmod19, Low Grav Mod, Maps Mod, Milk Mod, Modern Paintball, Demon Mod, Obscurity, Openwarfare, mp_war_ops, RSM Rifle Mod -nb, NEW WEAPONS 4 Multiplayer, Promod Live NWC, Openwarfare 2, Openwarfare FGL, Openwarfare Custom, OSG Jump Mod, PAM4.01, PAM4, PAM4 - ATI, PAM D , Promod LIVE , Promod 217 Skins, Promod Live EU 2.19, Promod Live NE 2.19, Promod Live EU 2.20, Promod Live NE 2.20, AWE Power Rank, Probot, Promod, Promod 4, Promod 4 Final, Promod Live NE, Promod Live NA, Promod Live 211 - LAN, Promod LIVE EU, Promod Live EU 2.18, Promod Extreme, Promod IceAge, Promod Marr, Promod PAG, Propsmod, Qauntumz CoDJumper, Rank Mod, Reign of the Undead, RSM Rifle Mod, 2v2 Sabotage Mod, sct_jump3, SE - search and eliminate, SF Zombies, sniperisu2, sniperonly_wks, Sniper Mod, Sniper/Knife Only Mod, =SOF= Mod, Sum69, SVR, Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare, T4 Weapons, Tactical Night, TB Custom, Before The Dawn TKX15, Tob Sniper, Ultimate Bouncers, Extreme+, X4, ZoidSniperLobby, Zombies, Sevens Zombie Mod, Zombie Mod, ZZombies, AWE Multimod, Z_Cod Jump Mod, Hypezjumper, Promod 3, AC AWE Taunts, AWE, Big Bang Jump Mod, Bobo - Bash Only, Breaking50, Heat of Battle, Call of Duty, Merciless Awe, Merciless, Revolt, a2k|Pure Run & Gun, AWE Community ED, C-S, MH260779, CoD Jumper, Extreme29, ePAM, Extreme, Hide n Seek, Call of Duty 2, Modders Hell Blood Mod, UberPAM, UWSMOD, WRM Admin, zPAM206, zPAM207, All Rifles, One Shot Mod, ASIOAS(R), zPAM, Call of Duty: World at War, AWE MultiMode, AWE MultiMode Custom, BloodAxe Rifles, BX Rifles, Codutility France WaW Ops, comMod, Community Warmod, cs_extreme, DAMN Mod, EES Rifles, EES Mod, Custom maps, Modern Weapons, MPL Openwarfare, Brothers Realism Mod, C5 Bolt only Mod, RifleMod, Vietnam Mod, Warmod, noobMod, Openwarfare Custom ODDBALLS, OpenWarfare NAM, Openwarfare edom, Pam Mod, Pezbot, Rifles Mod, War with Women, X5 Extreme, ZombieX, ZombieXv1.2.

Not to mention we have 2669 pre-installed maps & 1827 pre-configured addons, just clicks away using ClanForge™.

Available Server Locations

Our high quality low latency (ping) servers for Call of Duty 2 are available in the following locations:-

  • Australia Australia: Sydney
  • Canada Canada: Toronto
  • France France: Paris
  • Germany Germany: Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong: Hong Kong
  • Italy Italy: Milan (Comms set up in Frankfurt)
  • Netherlands Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Russia Russia: Moscow
  • Singapore Singapore: Singapore
  • Sweden Sweden: Stockholm
  • UK UK: London
  • US US: Atlanta - Georgia, Chicago - Illinois, Dallas - Texas, Herndon - Virginia, Los Angeles - California, Miami - Florida, New York - New York, Phoenix - Arizona, San Antonio - Texas, San Jose - California, Seattle - Washington, St. Louis - Missouri
  • Brazil Brazil: Sao Paulo

Order Information

Rent a COD2 server now and you could be playing on it within 5 minutes, thanks to our instant setup process!

Prices for a Call of Duty 2 game server start at only $0.62 per slot!. You can save up to 20% by paying for longer periods up front.

Note: Due to the significant CPU used by bots, our gameserver products do not support them unless otherwise stated.

Depending on the quality of the server code and ancillary services provided by the developers and / or publishers; servers may be missing features, not perform as expected and may be unstable / crash, by purchasing a server you agree that such issues are beyond the control of Multiplay. Please see our terms & conditions for more information.

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