Service Updates & Recent Additions

Freeze! Battlefield Hardline gameservers are available to order at 30% off!

Battlefield Hardline has officially launched, and we are extremely excited to announce we'll be extending our blockbuster 30% off discount on all Hardline gameservers.

This criminally good offer is a "lifetime sentence" and will never run out, representing the cheapest way to access a high quality online experience completely under your control.

You can order your discounted server right now on our product page.


Preorder your Battlefield Hardline server now for 30% off

A brand new series in the critically-acclaimed franchise, Battlefield Hardline focuses on a different type of war taking place on a different type of battleground.

Take to the streets as a cop or a criminal in seven different modes spread across nine different maps. 51 weapons, 28 gadgets and 27 new vehicles will help you maintain order or create chaos as you and up to 63 of your partners in law or crime as you battle for control of a city gone bad.

As an Official EA Server Provider, you?ll experience a thrilling, top-tier gameplay experience completely under your control. New features and developments add an entire new dimension of speed to the classic Battlefield teamplay and strategy, letting you and your friends play the way you want.

Click here to pre-order your 30% off gameserver now.


Starbound Winter Update: New biomes, combat overhaul, and 25% off Multiplay Gameservers

Starbound's infinite procedural world just got infinite-er with the launch of their Winter Update. Featuring a massive swathe of content including a brand new playable race, personal ship AI, ship upgrades, modifiable UI and even humble bug-catching, this update provides even more to explore, build, defeat and befriend on top of the already packed Starbound base game... and best of all, it's completely free!

As part of the Winter Update, Multiplay Gameservers is offering 15% off Starbound gameservers, allowing you and your friends to explore this brand new world. As the official server provider for Starbound, you'll gain access to our 24/7 support team and be able to select from one of over two dozen server locations across the globe.

To claim this offer, just head to our Starbound servers page now.


DayZ Now 50% Off - Merry Christmas!

50% off DayZ Servers

Christmas is coming to Chernarus and with Multiplay Gameservers you can now save a massive 50% on all DayZ servers! DayZ Public hosting, DayZ Slave Hosting and DayZ Shard Hosting are all included in this exclusive, limited time Christmas deal you won’t get anywhere else.

Make like bandits and snap this offer up soon, it ends December 31st 2014 and all servers are subject to availability.  Unfortunately we have no more servers available at the discounted price. Thank you for your interest.

We haven’t compromised on anything to bring you this fantastic deal, you get the same great service Multiplay have always provided, 24/7 customer support, over a decade worth of experience hosting gameservers and we use only the best hardware and network locations.

Keep checking our offers page to keep up to date with other great Christmas offers at Multiplay!


Help Playtest upcoming game Fractured Space and receive a free top-tier Early Access package!


Fractured Space is the brand new upcoming team-based space combat game from the developers behind Strike Suit Zero, and they've got a unique opportunity for you to get involved with development whilst receiving some awesome rewards.

Prior to Fractured Space entering Early Access on November 20th, Edge Case Games are recruiting playtesters for their new game. You'll be able to try out the game before anyone else, and shortly after the 20th you'll receive their top-tier Early Access package as a thankyou for your participation. Make sure to use the code EDGE-MLTPLY when signing up!

Fractured Space is bold, ambitious, and takes something we all love - epic space battles - to lofty new heights. Matches take place between two fleets of five players; you can completely customise your ship-type and class loudouts, tailoring your craft to your specific combat preferences. With multiple loadouts and a plethora of ships on the horizon, this is a super-customisable competitive online experience with a focus on ship knowledge and tactical adaptation; it's all of the intensity of a shooter layered over the big-picture-thinking of a high-level strategy game.

Signups are extremely limited, so if you're interested head to the official page now to register your interest. All of the team here at Multiplay will be joining in, and we look forward to seeing what sort of deadly space-dominating combinations you guys come up with.



30% off Amsterdam servers, plus Farming Simulator 15 and NS2: Combat

Amsterdam is famous for being a bustling hub of commerce throughout history, but now that great Dutch value enters the digital age with 30% off all Amsterdam-hosted Multiplay Gameservers! With low latency across Europe, Amsterdam is a prime location for hosting any gameserver you like for anyone across the continent. To claim 30% off your new Amsterdam gameserver, all you have to do is enter the code "ams30off" without quotes during checkout. Make sure to select “Amsterdam” as the location of your server!

Additionally, we've also launched server support for two brand new games:

From the makers of Farming Simulator 2013 comes Farming Simulator 15, a grand new addition to the field-sewing phenomenon, and we’re extremely pleased to announce our brand new gameservers are available to order! Take on the challenging world of a modern day farmer; work with animals (cows, chickens and sheep), cultivate your land and harvest your crops alongside up to 16 of your friends in one of our many locations worldwide. Order your Farming Simulator 15 Gamerserver here.

Brand new from Unknown Worlds comes NS2: Combat, and we’re extremely excited to announce our gameservers available to purchase. Choose your own playstyle using one of seven different lifestyles; this part twitch-shooter, part stealth-crawler provides a new twist on the classic Natural Selection 2 experience allowing you to fight for base dominance alongside and against up to 24 players. With one entire CPU core dedicated per server, you’re guaranteed the best NS2: Combat experience available. Order your NS2: Combat on Multiplay Gameservers here.


Announcing the launch of our Minecraft Server Starter Pack - The easiest and cheapest way to play Minecraft online with friends

Want to play Minecraft online with your friends? We're happy to announce the launch of our Minecraft Server Starter Pack; the easiest, cheapest, and best way to get you or your child online with their friends. With the Starter Pack you don't need to know anything technical. For just £2.77 per month, you can play Minecraft online; there's no fiddling with settings or any of that other complex stuff, our easy to use Clanforge control panel handles all of that for you. 

We've been hosting Minecraft servers since the early days of the game, helping to connect people online on high quality low latency hardware. One of our main points of feedback was that people wanted an easy to use, easy to setup, cheap, simple product that lets players play with friends online with no hassle and no fuss. That's where the concept for our Starter Pack came from; it's for anyone who wants to play online easily, quickly, cheaply, and safely. 

The Minecraft Server Starter Pack is specifically tailored to entry level players and requires no technical expertise whatsoever. One of the key benefits is that if you decide you want to add some of the advanced features, you can easily and instantly upgrade to our Complete Pack

As with all our online products, it comes with 24/7 support from our dedicated team plus a variety of other great features listed below. If you want a server this is a great package and our recommended entry point into the incredible online world that is Minecraft.

Order your Starter Pack from just £2.77 per month: http://www.multiplaygameservers.com/game-servers/mssp-minecraftserverstarterpack/


Play ShootMania Storm for free in the newly released Universal Demo


ShootMania Storm is a great title that we've been supporting for a while, and it's now completely free to try thanks to the launch of their Universal Demo!

ManiaPlanet want as many players as possible enjoy the ShootMania and the Maniaplanet experience at their best level, which means that now you have free access to the following features:

  • 3 multiplayer ranked modes: Battle, Elite & Siege

  • Full multiplayer experience (Nadeo and user-created gamemodes and Title Packs)

  • Access to all editors (Map, MediaTracker (Video), Actions & Weapons, Items)

  • Custom Titles: solo & multiplayer innovative modes

All these features are available for free the first 48h for the environments you don’t own and then for an unlimited amount of time for titles with less than 100 concurrent players OR one hour per day otherwise. Download the setup on www.shootmania.com.

If you try it out and love it, you can get yourself a high quality ShootMania Storm Multiplay Gameserver for you and your friend. With low latency, a great range of locations, and 24 hour support 7 days a week, Multiplay Gameservers is one of the leading providers of online gaming experiences that money can buy. Check out our ShootMania Storm Servers on their official page.


In space, noone can hear you save 20% - Discounted Space Engineers gameservers now available

Space. The final frontier. That big empty thing full of stars and planets and stuff.

Space Engineers is a sandbox space engineering game where you construct and maintain ships and space stations. Players construct vehicles and installations of various sizes and utilization (both civil and military), pilot ships and perform asteroid mining.

Often described as Minecraft or Lego in space, this really under promotes the depth that Space Engineers has. Jump into this vast sandbox and build anything you can imagine, from small mining ships to carve out materials from the asteroid belt to military corvettes and motherships. All fully working, functioning, totally destructible, and following realistic physics!

For a limited time our new Space Engineers servers are available at a cool 20% off. Find out more about the deal on our discounts page now.


Insomnia51 is officially our biggest ever spring Insomnia Gaming Festival

It's official. Insomnia51, our first event at the Ricoh Arena, has become our biggest ever spring Insomnia event, with an unprecedented 20,000 footfall across the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Thousands of gamers from a variety of backgrounds gathered to enjoy a schedule packed full of engaging content, with Main Festival Stage presenting from We’ve Got Game Founders, Matt Littler and Darren Jefferies. The festival’s activities spanned the range of modern gaming culture, from high level Esports tournaments to a thriving exhibition hall including Minecraft, Indie, Tabletop Gaming, and Retro zones.  There were also panel talks in a 650-seat dedicated auditorium, and of course the UK’s biggest LAN gaming halls.

Following on from the success of Insomnia49 last summer, Insomnia51 featured appearances from special guests from across the globe. Providing fans with the chance to meet them in person, Insomnia51 enabled YouTube stars to connect with their communities through Meet & Greet sessions, panel talk sessions, and main stage shows.

As the first Insomnia Gaming Festival of 2014, Insomnia51 saw increased entries for not only Esports tournaments on PC, but also on console. As part of our pledge to help grow the console tournament scene at Insomnia events, Multiplay delivered the Console Esports Arena, an area wholly dedicated to console Esports including tournament stations, a spectating zone, and an area for press.

Last year the Insomnia Gaming Festivals hit several milestones, with both its largest ever event and it’s fiftieth outing. 2013’s rapid growth and increased attendance inspired a change of venue, and the UK’s biggest gaming festival found a new home at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena resulting in the highest attendance for an Easter event in our 17-year history.

“There is no equivalent to the Insomnia Gaming Festival in the UK. There’s no single event that combines the LAN halls, the tournaments, the exhibition, the special guests, the stage activities, all into a single weekend-long gaming-focused festival experience,” said Craig Fletcher, CEO & Founder of Multiplay. “With each passing year Insomnia grows bigger and better, in no small part due to our incredible community and the fantastic partners we work with. With our summer plans for Insomnia52, 2014 is shaping up to be an unstoppable year for Multiplay events.”


Minecraft is back at Insomnia51 - Featuring Special Guests, Panel Talks, Tournaments and more

Following on from last summer’s Minecraft Expo at Insomnia49, we're bringing back the features that entertained Minecraft fans of all ages from across the country and beyond. The Minecraft Zone will offer free-to-enter tournaments for the most popular gametypes, panel talks and presentations in the dedicated 650 seat auditorium, with an exhibition featuring examples from the best and brightest of the community, as well as the chance to purchase official Minecraft merchandise from J!nx.

Also returning this event is a packed-out roster of Special Guests who will be meeting fans in our Meet & Greet area, as well as joining in with panel talks in the auditorium, and participating in Festival Stage shows. The line-up so far includes: FyreUK, BeBopVox, AntVenom, Element Animation, The Diamond Minecart, Caveman Films, The Noxcrew, MusicByPedro, Starbound developers Chucklefish, Gizzy Gazza, Blue Monkey, Weed Lion, SoTotallyToby, Buycraft and Codename_B, with more to be announced.

For more information on events taking place at Insomnia51 and ticket availability, please visit insomniagamingfestival.com.


Official Starbound Servers Available!

So you've played Terraria or Minecraft and loved them but you're looking for a new challenge? Well Starbound is going to be just what you're looking for, and what better way to enjoy it than to play with your friends on an Official Starbound server hosted by Multiplay!

To find out move or to order you server today head over to starboundservers.com


DayZ gameservers now available for purchase

You move alone through the sparse terrain of Chernarus, a post-soviet state hit by a deadly infection that spreads as fast as its carriers can sprint. In a bleak world overshadowed by the constant threats of starvation, disease, and undead assault, you'll begin to discover that the real monsters don't sit in scavenged buildings, but rather in chairs on the other end of your microphone.

Immerse yourself in one of the best emergent social experiences in modern gaming with a Multiplay DayZ Gameserver; befriend and betray up to 40 fellow survivors on custom-orientated hardware selected specifically to run DayZ at the best it can be.

We've been working hard alongside the DayZ developers to help them with their successful launch, and now we want to help you run and manage your own DayZ server. Using our Clanforge web interface you can easily implement the changes you need to instantly. Run in to any issues? Contact our 24/7 support department any time, day or night.

The monsters are coming. Your friends are screaming. Do you have the beans to do what it takes to survive? You can order your Multiplay DayZ server here, and get early alpha access to DayZ here.


Servers now available in Phoenix, AZ

Multiplay Gameservers keeps on growing! We've just launched our latest US gameserver location in Phoenix, Arizona.

As always with a newly launched location, you can select Phoenix, AZ during the setup process for a new server. If you'd like to move your existing server to this new location, get in contact with our support team. They'll be able to help facilitate a move to Phoenix.

Thankyou for your continued support, and if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact our support department.


Green Man Gaming offering special 20% voucher on top of 4-play deals

Our friends at Green Man Gaming are running an awesome sale this Autumn, picking four games at great discounts ever four hours. Additionally, they've informed us of a special 20%-off extra discount code you can apply. Here's the info they sent us below:

"The 4-Play promotion is here! We're currently running 4 new deals every 4 hours right through until December 2nd 1600UTC. For all the latest 4-Play deals click here.

On top of the discounts every 4 hours, there is also a 20% off voucher* running:
This voucher expires at 1600UTC 02/12/2013, excludes selected titles."

We'll be filling our stocking full of cheap gaming treats in time for Christmas, why don't you?


Multiplay and Gaming Grids join forces to run real money Battlefield 4 tournaments

GamingGrids-FB-BF4Ad-1 (1)

Battlefield 4 has deployed, and to celebrate the latest addition to EA & DICE's modern military revive-fest we've teamed up with Gaming Grids to launch some paid BF4 tournaments. We're kicking off this partnership with a FREE to enter tournament with a prize pot of £1000 / $1600 starting on November 23rd. If you and your friends think you've got what it takes to win real money playing Battlefield 4, all you have to do is head over to the Gaming Grids website to find out more and signup.


BF4 Price Drop, and 20% off selected locations

Bullets fly. Bombs drop. Building collapse, as you and up to 63 of your closest friends and most hated enemies battle it out for dominance.

We’ve got two bits of awesome BF4-related news for you guys. Firstly, we’re lowering the price of our BF4 servers to £1 a slot. Secondly, we’re starting a new discount of 20% off, for any period, on any new purchases of servers located in London, Paris, Frankfurt, St Louis, New York, and LA.

If you’d like to enjoy all of the great benefits of a Multiplay Battlefield 4 Gameserver, just head to our BF4 ordering page now.


Minecon special: 50% off all Minecraft servers this weekend!

To coincide with the Florida-based celebration of all things Minecraft Minecon 2013, Multiplay Gameservers are offering 50% off any Minecraft service ordered during this period. From 4pm Friday to 10am Tuesday (GMT/UTC) you can get half off any and all Minecraft server orders, just enter the special discount code 'minecon2013' during the ordering process.

Minecraft is still growing, so if you want the freedom and control than a high quality Multiplay Minecraft server offers, now is the perfect time to try it out! All you have to do is order your 50% off server here, today.


Battlefield 4 early pre-orders now available, 10% lifetime discount


Following the launch of the Battlefield 4 Open Beta, Multiplay are proud to announce that we are one of only two Official Recommended Server Providers offering early Battlefield 4 Gameserver pre-orders. As part of our commitment to delivering an unparalleled online server experience, we’re offering a 10% discount on all Battlefield 4 pre-orders for the entire life of your service.

Hitting hard and fast with a slew of ground-breaking new features and impressive improvements, Battlefield 4 has been marked as one of the most anticipated games of the year due greatly to its tactically deep and deeply fun online multiplayer mode.  Fight for your team, your pride and your life on servers of up to 64 concurrent players as you raise hell on your opponents with new maps, new vehicles, new weapons, and new features. Engage in an unscripted immersive online experience with huge scope and scale on a high quality Multiplay Gameserver.

As always, pre-ordering your Battlefield 4 Gameserver here at Multiplay grants you access to our stellar 24/7 manned support service, the ability to locate your server in any one of our global server locations, and a promise of consistent quality of service backed by over ten years of dedicated online hosting experience.

To claim your Battlefield 4 pre-order 10% lifetime discount, all you need to do is pre-order your server now.


Terraria 1.2 update is out! Holy moly it's a big one...

Good news for Terraria fans! The hit 2D build-craft-kill 'em up has just received its 1.2 update, and it's absolutely huge! Alongside Battlefield 4 and GTA: Online, today has been a remarkable day for online gaming. The full changelog is incredibly impressive, featuring mechanical changes like being able to walk up one-block inclines, snow biomes, over 1000 new items, 8 new friendly NPCs and 4 new bosses, over 100 new enemies and 15 new music tracks and more! Tshock (the popular Terraria extension/modification) has also updated to coincide, making playing these new alterations with your friends even easier.

With all these new additions we've seen an understandable surge in Terraria Multiplay Gameserver sales. If you'd like to get back into the game, or are just joining the world of Terraria online for the first time, you can get yourself one here. It's a great time to be a Terraria player!

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